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North America's Crane & Equipment Specialists

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Nor-Mar Crane Services

Tough • Dependable • Custom

Canada Cranes Nor-Mar Industries Ltd.

At Nor-Mar Industries we carry a full line of Cranes, Maxistab Stabilizers and Service Truck Equipment in British Columbia.

All equipment sold by Nor-Mar Industries is the highest quality available, designed to service harsh forestry, construction, mining, and oilfield sectors in the rugged North American environment.

Nor-Mar Industries supplies a wide range of cranes and stabilizers from various manufacturers.

We supply a full line of crane from various manufacturers including: Cobra Cranes, Maxilift Cranes, Maxistab Stabilizers, Tiger Cranes, and Fassi Cranes. We have cranes to suit your every need from articulated and monoboom folding cranes, wallboard cranes, tire cranes, mechanics service stiffboom cranes and Marine cranes. We also sell a full range of auxiliary stabilizers in order for you to operate your truck with stability and safety.

Nor-Mar Industries Truck Equipment

We supply a full line of service truck equipment including Hydraulic welders and AC generators, Gas driven or hydraulic compressors, underhood compressors, drawer assembly systems and Double walled slip tanks designed for transport of dangerous goods such as: gasoline, diesel and oil.

All our equipment is from top manufactures such as: Vanair, Vmac, Getec, Tommy Gate, American Eagle and Enviroslip.