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Models – Fassi Cranes


Cranes Without Compromise

All Fassi accumulated experience has gone into the construction of hydraulic cranes.

From a family based business to a world leader in its field in less than 40 years, Fassi have experienced a formidable expansion. They have manufactured more than 50 000 cranes for trucks, thus adding to Fassi’s extraordinary wealth of experience. By focusing all their resources and energies on hydraulic cranes, they have been able to stay on the cutting edge, from the research and design stages, through to the implementation of the technical construction phases, thus enhancing the performance and reliability of each crane.

Fassi manufacture the entire crane on their premises, with meticulous care.

More than any other, this decision demonstrates the determination and passion which Fassi put into their work. It is this dedication which distinguishes Fassi world wide. At Fassi they closely follow the building of each crane from design to testing, personally testing performance, capacity and response under the most rigorous conditions. Nothing is overlooked. All aspects of production and performance are co-ordinated using a certified product quality activity model. The entire production cycle is carried out in house and this is the first and most important guarantee of reliability for Fassi crane users.

The dedication of the Fassi company means that the same strict principals of quality apply to the entire range, from 1 to 130 Tm.

Each Fassi crane is made with the utmost care by applying the same rigorous principals of technology and manufacturing, regardless of size and type of application. Choosing a Fassi means having the security of a crane designed, made and tested according to a predefined, accurately planned and quality assured model, in order to assure excellence. Fassi offers the largest range of cranes in the world.