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Communicating – Fassi Cranes



Its very own electronic brain built into a capillary network of sensors provides excellent feedback on a Fassi crane: the machine constantly monitors operations, envisages any problematic situations, and provides all the operating information required for simple and total control of the crane by the operator.


The synergy between the Integrated Machine Control (IMC) and the Automatic Dynamic Control (ADC) provides the best multi-functional performance in all working conditions. All the data from this combination and integration are transmitted to the innovative card of the processor unit, where the information that comes from the many devices installed on the crane is analysed. The control unit can monitor the operational situation, select the best working conditions, locate possible functional problems and automatically check them, thereby ensuring optimal performance based on any specific load and movement. For the operator this means the highest level of comfort and easy management of all operating conditions, including those that may be extremely challenging and potentially dangerous, to the extent that the crane automatically anticipates and controls hazardous situations. Furthermore, all the functions and decisions that are about to be implemented by the machine are communicated to the user, both on the radio control display and on the screen of the control unit located on the crane. The latest generation of electronics guarantees optimal output and an EASY-TO-USE concept, even in the interface for check-ups, providing operational data to program periodic maintenance schedules and download detailed reports onto a computer, with information on work done by the machine.