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Introduction – Fassi Cranes



Design is a crucial factor in a companies ability to offer products at the top market levels, from performance through to safety. In fact, all those solutions that increase performance and reduce risk margins come from the design. Design is not just an abstract theoretical concept, but an essential phase in really producing machines that do not have to compromise. This is the reason why DESIGNED TO PERFORM is the watchword that features in Fassi’s work. Each of the solutions used in Fassi cranes is part of an engineering technology focused on the synergy between potential and reliability. Design as the beating heart of innovation.

It is no coincidence that Fassi is constantly in the vanguard in terms of the technology used on its cranes. This continually being ahead of the competition is the logical consequence of the considerable investments incessantly made by Fassi to design research, which is seen and interpreted as a guiding factor for its market position. However, Fassi’s main feature is its ability to apply the results of technological evolution to its entire range of cranes, rather than just to a single top-of-the-range model. Those who choose Fassi are certain they will be getting all the innovations that make Fassi cranes unique and inimitable, regardless of crane type and version.