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Introduction – Fassi Cranes



The magazine Without Compromise is produced by one of the world’s top three manufacturers of truck-mounted cranes. EASY TO USE in this issue, puts the user of the crane at the centre of attention, by considering his expectations and proposing solutions that can make operations even easier, more convenient and safer. In achieving this result, Fassi has taken an innovative route in the interaction of man and machine. SEEING, TOUCHING, COMMUNICATING: on these three interaction levels a Fassi crane knows where to go, unlike conventional models in this product sector. A Fassi crane can take in and interpret what is actually happening around it and a variety of working situations, including the most demanding and potentially hazardous ones, by activating devices that allow the operator to work calmer, faster and more efficiently. This is possible thanks to systems that use the most advanced electronic processes, really making the Fassi crane a machine WITHOUT COMPROMISE.