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Hydraulic Technology – Fassi Cranes



A new generation of distributors to translate electronics into energy.

Fassi’s “Easy to Use” innovation combines the distribution systems and hydraulic functions of the crane, with technology that has been exclusively adapted by Fassi in collaboration with some of the major companies in this sector worldwide. A new generation of distributors and electro-hydraulic modules guarantee the maximum multi-functional capabilities, optimum speed and particularly smooth and precise operations in all working conditions. With their operational characteristics and performance, the new hydraulic technologies that have been incorporated into the Fassi cranes bring the user friendly philosophy to a new level that positively revolutionizes the dialogue between user and machine. The hydraulic systems are in fact the essential element for combining the extraordinary potential of electronics, characterized by the CANbus digital information transmission system with the dynamic components of the machine, rams and extensions. The new hydraulic systems are the real energy package that allows you to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by electronics. All of this is possible because, with respect to traditional systems, the new compensated distributors let you perform several maneuvers at the same time, optimizing the speed and precision of the movements. In fact, the flow of oil out of the distributor is kept constant regardless of the maneuvers that are performed, and the loads that are lifted or traversed.


The best performance combined with the maximum reliability.

The electric controls are also highly innovative, with technology used in the automotive sector for ABS and Airbag installations, meaning drastic reductions in welding and critical points, and increased resistance to shock and sudden temperature changes. Furthermore, the energy from the oil rather than electrical power is used to move the control spool, so there is always a ready and safe response without the use of a battery. The use of an electronic supervisor to control the spool, as well as guaranteeing extremely fast reaction times, regulates the working speed more progressively and avoids the risk of any involuntary actuation. The presence of a pressure transducer on the distributor head lets you check the working pressures of the distributor directly on the display, thus avoiding the need for pressure gauges. All the components of the distributors starting from the electro-hydraulic controls have been studied and tested to be problem-free even in the most severe operating conditions, including temperatures from -30° to + 60°. Furthermore, the high degree of protection also makes the distributors suitable for use in environments with high levels of humidity.


The cutting edge of the sector – the most advanced technology in the sector, ideal for interfacing the new generation digital electronics epitomized by the Flow Sharing system, with the hydraulic functions of the crane ensuring high performance.


Electronic technology for a multitude of requirements – the host of multi-functional advantages used in an effective and rational manner, optimizing speed and response in all operating conditions, further enhanced by the Flow Sharing system.


The ideal distributor for non-digital cranes – it can be used in combination with the new electro-hydraulic modules and adds multi-functional capabilities to cranes without digital control systems.