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Made For You – Fassi Cranes



The Fassi range is the widest in the world of vehicle-mounted articulated cranes. Over 60 models available in a multitude of versions, from micro cranes to giants of over 150 t/m. There are over 30,000 available configurations, which can be formulated according to the needs and expectations of the user. If we then go on to add the many available accessories, this gives a selection of opportunities that result in a crane that complies exactly with the working needs it will be required to cover. But Fassi does not stop there: an important part of the modularity, versatility and infinite extent of the range is actually made up of the new opportunities provided by recent technological inventions, applied to cranes. In this case, electronics is the absolute protagonist.

Fassi “Made for you” is, in certain aspects, comparable with what is now offered by the most modern cars, which give customers the advantage of “building” a car to suit them, both in terms of configuration and in the optional accessories. Some might fear that this impressive range of choices might result in confusion. Don’t worry: Fassi has developed a special software for its sales network, with the aim of guiding customers in their choice of the ideal solution.