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Safety – Fassi Cranes



There is no real power without suitable control: based on this concept, the Fassi engineering design team has worked out a coordinate series of technological solutions which develop the active and passive safety of the crane in all working conditions, however complicated and demanding they may be. Peace of mind for the operator, but also for the machine itself, which is less stressed even though it provides bigger and better operating performance.


Hydraulic cranes are being used in an ever wider and more articulated scenario, covering lifting and load handling needs that can be very delicate and complex. Needs and responsibilities are increasing, along with standards, which are being modified with the aim of guaranteeing even greater safety. Fassi responds to all these requests and expectations with a prestigious engineering activity, characterized by exclusive and patented technological results. The innovative electronic lifting moment limiting device, which works in synergy with the other original devices likewise developed by Fassi research, is also part of this evolutionary logic. The same applies to the innovative winch lifting couple limiter, a technology that renders the mechanical devices based on Belleville washers or strain gauges obsolete, introducing the concept of electronic and intelligent controls even on the winch.

Fassi engineering research has faced up to and brilliantly solved all the critical factors in the crane that are subjected to the most demanding work, introducing decisive innovations such as the rotation arc limiter and the lifting moment limiting device applied on mechanical extensions: with these two technologies, today the operator can count on unprecedented reliability from his machine, leaving him to concentrate on the operating phase, optimizing times, methods and results. The new third control station, equipped with a completely automatic system to detect the presence of the operator and with activation of the related safety devices, also gives an active contribution towards improving safety levels.


The innovations introduced by Fassi significantly improve active and passive safety levels.