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Touching – Fassi Cranes



All the crane controls are conveniently located within arm’s reach and have an original handling system for the operating functions menu, made up of an innovative rotary switch that can be activated with just one finger positioned directly on the radio control console.touching1

The technological progress of Fassi cranes has made them “Easy to Use” also from the point of view of using controls that manage the different working functions of the machine, laid-out within arm’s reach. The heart of the system is the “CANbus” data transmission, that is to say the typology and the transfer records of the information between the operational parts of the crane and the control station, which at Fassi is completely digital. The CANbus system, which has the same function as the human nervous system, allows a speed and synchronicity of data transmission that was unheard of on a hydraulic crane until now. The machine responds perfectly and smoothly to the requests from the controls, thanks to the use of this innovative technology. It was also possible to adopt the most modern digital solutions and use graphic displays interfaced with a rotary switch, the Fassi RX system, similar to the system used on the most innovative and exclusive cars. Thanks to the RX selector, the various control menus of the crane functions (identified on the display by icons) can easily be accessed. You can call up data and access the programming, all with just one finger.

The control functions are easily managed thanks to the most advanced control devices and are always within arm’s reach.